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New upgrade motor KA60
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KA60 curtain motor was launched in 2011, collect a variety of motor function in body, Obtains the customer good comments. At present, KA60 motor function has been further perfect, let you  process easier convenient in use;

1、Quiet and Confortable experience as low Noise Moving as less than 36dB, and free of lubrication.

2、It is available to close and open the curtain by manual when power is off.

3、Integrative design of radio receiver. It brings convenieces by light touch to start motor undertand various controls of low-voltage smart central management and

4、high-voltage smart central management when power is on,

5、When there is power on, the system bears light start and light stop

6、It can be set the stop point by manual pull and remote controller, which adjusts the shading of light and tidy the fabric itself.

7、The setting of travelling is not lost by built-in quality memory in case of power cut.

8、Bounce to the rigth position automatically to get rid of extrusion of fabric.

9、Set the limits randomly to satisfy special requirements on the curtain system.

10、By the Built-in stop sensitive components, it finds it limits and stops by counting automatically , which brings conveniences in installing and setting.

11、Stop by counting precisesly without accumulated error, which avoids the system instability and noise caused by inaccurate counting.

12、It diminishes the noise caused by clutch on and off by completely new EM clutch.

13、It is easy wiring in power plugging by insertion, directly connected with drive unit.

14、It satisfying various application like Wird control, Remote control, high-voltage central management and low-voltage central management, RS485 control.

15、It is available to installing with normal turning and reverse turning for different applications.

16、It is applicable in medium-scale curtain by its quality drive shaft with big torque, pull force not less than 8Kg and load weight not less than 50kg.

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