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2011 Guangzhou China building energy conservation international BBS shading meeting
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September 24, 2011, guangzhou is held ceremoniously, we took part in the grand BBS!


This BBS attracted from China, the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Switzerland and other countries experts speech, the national enterprise unit total more than 100 more than 200 a participant, speech involved in international and domestic building energy conservation policy, technology and the development trend.We represent active in this BBS exchange, field both at home and abroad colleagues to discuss building energy saving technology and developing trend of shading, listens to the domestic and international experts speech content, the thorough study this BBS three subjects "low carbon", the "energy", "sunshade" deep meaning.


The BBS is of far-reaching significance to our company for the development of the company, clear the way of thinking, is pointed out. As a member of the industry, we will continue to take an active part in the domestic and international counterparts to exchange, for the development of the industry of shading make more contribution!







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